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1.   How long will a helium balloon float?
A great deal of this depends on the size of the balloon as well as the material it's made from.  A standard 11" balloon bought from a typical party store will float from 12 to 16 hours.  A decorator grade 11" balloon will float from 20 to 24 hours.  However, special chemicals can be added to extend the float life of your balloons.  In the hot summer months an 11" balloon can float from 3 - 4 days, while in the winter months that same balloon can float from 2 - 3 weeks.  18" foil balloons can float anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on how well the valve is sealed.
Smaller balloons such as 9" latex only have a float life around 6 hours total, while larger balloons such as the 3' can float for as long as a day or two without chemical treatment.
However, just because a balloon can float for 12 to 16 hours doesn't mean you will like the way it looks within that time frame.  As a balloon loses helium, it shrinks in size, becoming less attractive in the process.  This is why we like to use the chemical treatment as it prolongs the life of the balloons as well as the decor.
2.   How much do your balloons cost?
There really is no easy answer to this question.  This would be like calling a lumber store and asking them how much lumber costs.  There are many variables and the cost depends a great deal upon what you're looking for, what type of event you're planning, location, set-up times, type of decor, etc.
However, many specific items do have a set price.  Other items may require an estimated total before we can figure out exactly what it would be.  In addition, there may be delivery or retrieval fees involved with your order, so it's important to have an idea of what you're looking for before we can truthfully answer this question.
3.   Do we deliver?  Is there a charge for delivery?
Yes we do offer delivery.  Delivery charges are based on where the item(s) will be delivered.
4.   What are your store hours?
Technically, we are not a store since we do not sell retail items.  Event Planning by Leilani, Inc. is a Special Event Company, and since most of our clients require our services at their locations, we tend to be out of the office more than in.  Bearing that in mind, we are currently open only by appointment.  We do offer appointments, however, on a wide time table.  Based upon availability, we can schedule a time with you virtually any day of the week ( except Sundays)  Please bear in mind, that due to the nature of our business,  it is almost impossible to schedule appointments on Saturdays as we are often to busy on that day to meet with individual clients regarding upcoming events.
5.   Can I get my decorations in the color combinations of my choice?
Most definitely.  There are literally dozens of different types of balloon colors available.  In addition, colors can be created through a technique know as double-stuffing where balloons are placed inside of other balloons to create a more distinctive appearance.  However, please note that double-stuffing can slow down the inflation process by as much as 4 times normal speed, so additional charges do apply for this type of application.
6.  Do we offer custom imprinted balloons?
Yes, we do.  Pricing, however, is based on the number of balloons, the number of inks you're using, whether it's one sided or two as far as printing goes, etc.  In order to provide pricing, we will need to have your specific needs know before we can give you a price.  
7.   Do we offer donations to non-profit events and fund-raisers?
Event Planning by Leilani, Inc provides decor for several charity events throughout the year, therefore we can no longer offer complete donations.  However, we do offer discounts to schools, churches, charities and other non-profit organizations.